You can receive one of the latest Konica Minolta colour photocopiers delivered and installed at your Estate Agency completely FREE.

All you pay for is the colour or b/w copies and prices start from 4.86 pence per colour copy!

So how do we do it?

If you are interested in a FREE COPIER for your estate agency simply select the copier from those on this site, inform us and we will deliver and install your FREE COPIER! All you pay for is the copies and these start from just 4.86 pence per colour copy!

What’s included?

Remember all you pay for is the copies, we cover the delivery, installation and maintenance, and…

  • Colour toner
    You will never need to buy replacement inks again.
  • Maintenance
    We will regularly service and inspect your copier equipment.
  • Delivery & installation
    We will deliver and install your equipment and show you how to operate it.
  • Spare parts
    In the unlikely event of a malfunction, we will replace any faulty parts.
  • Upgrade
    Every 24 months, we will upgrade your copier with a new one.

You get the copier, service and support with none of the upfront costs. All you pay for is the monthly copy plan and we pay for the rest! Simple, straightforward, transparent and no capital expenditure.

Popular Konica Minolta copiers.

Choose a copier below to learn how easy it is to get your own FREE Konica Minolta photocopier.