Konica Minolta Offer Education

Konica Minolta Offer Education

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Konica Minolta understands the unique challenges facing schools and universities today. As the sector strives for ways to save money while staying up to date with technology, it is increasingly turning to Konica Minolta to address its printing and document management needs.

Konica Minolta Education relies on fast reliable printers

Konica Minolta’s award-winning devices are renowned for their reliability and high speed printing. As printers move into classrooms teachers are increasingly using colour printing and scanning to enhance the learning experience.
Konica Minolta has a range of colour and black and white multifunctional devices that are perfect for the education sector.   Fast, high-quality printing at speeds of up to 60 pages per minute in colour and 75 per minute in black and white will ensure schools can distribute last minute notes on time
Professional finishing features, like binding and folding, are ideal for schools and universities looking to produce their own course notes and promotional brochures to save time and money.

Cost management solutions keep costs under control

Konica Minolta has a range of cost management solutions that will identify inefficiencies, keep track of print costs and, if necessary, allocate these costs against staff or departments.  Web-based budget and tracking solutions help boost administrative productivity and accountability.
Automated toner re-ordering, electronic meter readings and preventive maintenance calls can take the load off administrators, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.
Swipe cards or PIN codes can reduce paper wastage and increase document security as the user is required to release the print job at the printer. This reduces the amount of printing and helps lower the likelihood of leaving confidential data at the printer by mistake.
Printing restrictions can be put in place to help control student and staff printing, limiting print quotas and the ability to print in colour.

Effective pay-for-print solutions

Konica Minolta’s cost management solutions can help them save money by streamlining their devices, reducing their paper usage, and implementing pay for print solutions that help recoup the cost of printing. Pay for print technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated and, if used effectively, can help schools and educational institutions claw back some of their high printing costs.
Integrated pay for printing solutions link printing charges to other paid services on campus such as parking, vending machines and school stationery stores.

Safeguarding confidential information

Educational institutions have a responsibility to safeguard private and confidential data such as student records.  Konica Minolta can implement a range of security measures to ensure documents cannot be printed, copied or scanned without appropriate authentication and can even restrict certain users from accessing files.

Using scanning technology to increase productivity and efficiency

Konica Minolta knows that the work of teachers and lecturers extends beyond the classroom; marking papers and preparing student course materials are just some of the extra tasks required. Konica Minolta offers sophisticated solutions that can help teachers manage their work load.  Optical character recognition (OCR) can create and read multiple choice exams and assessments, scan and sort student reports, and integrate student results into a Student Information System (SIS) that can allow teachers to compare test results.
Electronic Data Management (EDM) helps schools and educational institutions streamline their administration with digitised filing and archiving that frees up valuable office space.

Reducing paper helps the environment while reducing costs

Schools and educational institutions have a responsibility to lead the way with sustainable practices that help the environment. Setting a good example will help students understand their actions can make a difference. Konica Minolta has some of the most eco-friendly devices on the market that help reduce paper usage and wastage and have low energy costs.

Professional service from a trusted brand

A lack of IT support can be a challenge for the education sector which is why Konica Minolta provides a service whereby schools and university clients can have their printing environment audited and assessed by one of our consultants, who will advise where cost savings can be made.

Konica Minolta has one of the most competitive pricing structures and common use agreements available and is committed to working with educational institutions to help them with their printing needs.